Professionals with ink

Times are changing for people with tattoos. More companies and businesses want to be accepting of people with tattoos if they have the skill set that the company is looking for. In an article, by Rachel Hennessey on, it states that certain places want to have diversity and individuality to make the company stronger. Other companies are not going to discriminate because they want to hire the person who will have the best chance at success in the position they are hiring for. So many companies want to be the best they are realizing that hiring people based on their skills and drive is what should be their main focus not what they look like.


Not only are companies realizing that skills are more important then looks but people are starting to realize that the young people entering the working world have a different look then in our years past. In the article Body Art and Tattoos in the Workplace, on, they really express this idea. The article talks about statistics of the high number of people in their 20’s that have a tattoo or untraditional body piercing. Companies are starting to realize that its not as simple as telling someone they cant have a tattoo or piercing, employers are finding the dress code needs to be updated.


Some places however, may not be up to speed with the modern look of young America. An article on explains that some employers are still not accepting of tattoos and will not hire someone with them, or if they do they must always be hidden. Covering up a person’s expression of their self is terrible, but many places still wont allow body art. An employer wants their company to be represented in a professional manner. It’s getting harder every day to keep people with tattoos from getting a job but there are companies that still reject even the best for having ink on their body.


Each company is different with their rules, views, and policies and age is a big factor in that.  The article Discrimination Against Tattoos in the Workplace, from, explains that the lever of acceptance is different based on industry and corporate culture. This article explains many surveys that have been done in the past few years. Some were based on how people react towards tattoos based on age and some surveys were about things that hold people back from promotions. Opinions about tattoos vary everywhere but there will always be someone with a negative outlook towards them.


Yes anyone over the age of 18 has the right to express them selves freely however a person has to remember, who will be hiring them? The article “Personal Branding: Tattoos in the workplace, on, tells viewers that it is important to remember that older people from a different generation then them will be the ones doing the hiring. Dress codes are important to follow if the job is given but companies believe covering up is the best way to go. People can find tattoos unprofessional or offensive and it really can affect the future for some young adults. It is hard to express yourself when people are telling them they cant. 


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